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Aerosmith - Fever - text písně

Texty písní » Aerosmith - Fever

Aerosmith - stát se fanouškem

Hey... hey hey hey hey hey.. yeah

I got a rip in my pants
And a hole in my brand new shoes
I got a margarita nose
And a breath full of Mad Dog booze

I got the fever fever fever fever

Yeah they threw me outta jail
I tell ya it ain't fair
I tried to kiss the judge
In the electrica' chair

Yeah we're all here
'Cause we're not all there tonight

The guitar's cranked
And the bass man's blown a fuse... yee whooo
And when the whole gang bangs
Tell me then what's your excuse

We got the fever fever fever fever

Fever gives you lust with an appetite
It hits you like the fangs
From a rattlesnake bite
We are here
'Cause we're not all there tonight

We can't run away from trouble
There ain't no place that far
But if we do it right at the speed a light
There's the backseat of my car... caviar... that's right

And I was feelin' so high I forgot what day
Now I'm feeling low down
Even slow seems way to fast... ahh yeah
And now the booze don't work
'Cause the drugs ran outta gas

I got the fever fever fever fever

The buzz that you be gettin'
From the crack don't last
I'd rather be O.D.in' on the crack of her ass
Yeah we are here
'Cause we're not all there tonight

My first time ever lover
We fell asleep out on the lawn
And when I woke up I was all alone
Making love to the crack of dawn
So yo I beg yo pardon sir
The gangster of love rides again

Ah ah ah... I got the fever...
You know I got the chill
It gimme such a thrill
Like a burnin' plague
Yeah get outta my way

Fever may be Hell and a cross to bear
As long as I'm in heaven honey I don't care
You look so good babe look so fine
I tell you you're the image of the perfect crime
You get so tired holdin' on so tight
If you think you're goin' crazy
Well you may be right

Yeah we're all here
'Cause we're not all there... that's right

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