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Aerosmith - F.i.n.e. - text písně

Texty písní » Aerosmith - F.i.n.e.

Aerosmith - stát se fanouškem

Hot wax drippin' honey what do you say
I got a brand new record that I gotta play
She says a not now boy but I did anyway
'Cause I'm ready so ready

Your lips smackin' patty whackin' walkin' the street
I got a rag top Chevy and I'm back on my feet
I get and E.M.H.O woody when I sit in the seat
'Cause I'm ready so ready yeah

I got a girlfriend with the hoochie coochie eyes
'Cause in the pink she looks so fine
She's got the cracker jack
Now all I want's the prize honey... hey hey hey

I know these hookers down on 42nd street but a
Ill-gotten booty's not my style
I'll take a raincheck 'til I get back on my feet honey... hey hey

'Cause I'm alright
Uum your daddy says I'm... alright
Uum your mama says... alright
And my old lady says I'm... alright

Whip crackin' floozie way outta control
She got a new kind of jelly in her jelly roll
I got the right key baby but the wrong key hole
And I'm ready so ready... yeoa

I'm a red hot pistol and I'm ready to fight
I'm a '38 special on a Saturday night
I'm gonna kiss your boo-boo honey make it alright
'Cause I'm ready so ready... wooh

I drive a crusier with a bimbo on the dash
It kinda keeps my ass in line
One little French kiss honey that's my kinda trash yeah

My brand new baby's lookin' F.I.N.E. fine
The sun is shining every day
Ain't got no rubbers now it's rainin' all the time honey wooooh...

'Cause I'm alright
My little sister says I'm... alright
Oh my brother thinks I'm... alright
And my old lady knows I'm... alright

I feel like I'm hung up on the line
I'd die for you but we were partners in the crime
Everything about you is so F.I.N.E. fine
Let's put our clothes back on
And by the way girl what's your name again

Come on come on come on come on
Oh yeah yeah... Yooa yak yak yak yak yak yoa

'Cause I'm... alright
Ooh your daddy says I'm... alright
Uum and even Tipper thinks I'm... alright
Oh Joe Perry says I'm... alright

Pitch my tent in the pouring rain
I got a back seat lover that's callin' my name
She gonna blow my cover she's hot as a flame
But I'm ready... so ready... oau

I'll shove my tounge right between your cheeks
I haven't made love now for 25 weeks
I hear that you're so tight your lovin' squeaks
And I'm ready so ready

Yeah yeah yeah yeah....

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