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2-4 Family - Stay - text písně

Texty písní » 2-4 Family - Stay

2-4 Family - stát se fanouškem

One More Day
Good job is taken to town
Stay, don´t runaway, please lord just one more day
Don´t be walkin´ away

Uh, that´s right (x4)

Fly Thai :
It be I the Fly Thai , with the slanted eyes ,uh
When I’m high to decide to lieDon’t cry cause your guy gotta fly ,bye byeShould’ve known he’d be leavin you soonTakin trips to the roomWhile your home in the afternoon
Late night keepin while you sleepin
Chiefin like an IndianBlowin smoke like an eng.
And It’s all about the benjamins
Sippin Jink Mu-sense
When it’s time to take it inAnd post it up in a playa’s hand
Gotta say ,It’s still the way ,No other way
From day to day , it’s still about the fuckin pay
Paper chase , we can chase the game
Don’t come into my face if you can’t get glame
Now you feelin ashame , keep poppin change

Stay, don´t runaway, please lord just one more day
Don´t be walkin´ away
Stay, don´t runaway, please lord just one more day
Don´t be walkin´ away

Lil’Bit :
Lil’Bit that southern chick ,still runnin shit
Shake your hoes don’t play me slick
When I flip the script ,you’ll get your ass wipped
Got shit from the Nigga on my tips
Spread lies off his lips , and surprised that you miss
When you saw me with the Ice on the wrist
Saw he actually kisses me with the bullshit try to push it
Jealousy , Jealousy ,Got your ass dismissed

JD :
Uh ,uh ,uh
I be the J D , this be my remix
Got beats by the pound , call me for your fix
So long , you held me back
Told me my tracks was wack
Now I got mad props too, we won’t stop

Chorus x 1

Jazz :
Now we bubblin , bubblin , bubblin like Volcano
This shit hits your chest hot like you was drinkin dranosano sano , Love me and say no mo
snap you to the floor show you what we got in store
this be the one imga six foot drip
the one who represents the Arm ,a Leg , a Leg , Arm to the Head
I like your punk ass dead
O matter fact I’ll let you live instead
So you can bear witnessTo the lyrical fitnessSo pay close attention to the chant as I spit this
Coming from the Fam known as the 2–4So all you party people come jam on the dance floor

Přidal: Ondra dne 05. 03. 2007 v 17:20.
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