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Sweeney Todd - Johanna Reprise - text písně

Texty písní » Sweeney Todd - Johanna Reprise

Sweeney Todd - stát se fanouškem

I feel you, Johanna
I feel you
Do they think that walls can hide you?
Even now I'm at your window
I am in the dark beside you
buried sweetly in your yellow hair,

And are you beautiful and pale, with yellow hair, like her?
I'd want you beautiful and pale, the way I've dreamed you were,
And if you're beautiful what then with yellow hair, like wheat
I think we shall not meet again my little dove, my sweet

I'll steal you, Johanna

Goodbye, Johanna
You're gone, and yet you're mine
I'm fine, Johanna, I'm fine

Smoke! Smoke! Sign of the devil, sign of the devil, set it on fire
Witch! Witch! Smell it sir, an evil smell, every night at the Vespers' bell, smoke that comes from the mouth of hell,
set it on fire
MIschief, mischief! Mischief!

And if I never hear your voice, my turtle-dove, my dear
I still have reason to rejoice the way your head is clear

I feel you,
And in that darkeness when I'm blind with what I can't forget
It's always morning in my mind, my little lamb, my pet

You stay, Johanna
The way I dreamed you were
Oh look, Johanna, a star
Buried sweetly in your yellow hair
A shooting star

There, there! Somebody somebody, look up there, didn't I tell you, smell that air, set it on fire
Quick, Sir, run and tell! Go on 'a Mole little ratchet spell, there it is, there it is, the ungodly smell, tell it to the
fiddle and police as well, tell 'em, tell 'em, help, fiend!
set it on fire
set it on fire
Mischief, mischief!

And though I'll think of you I guess, until the day I die,
I think I miss you less and less as every day goes by

And you'd be beautiful and pale and look too much like her
If only angels could prevail we'd be the way we were
I feel you, Johanna
Wake up, Johanna!
Unnerve the bright red day
We learn Johanna, to say

I'll steal you

Přidal: Bluumhengel dne 16. 02. 2008 v 16:53.
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