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Kid Rock - One More Song - text písně

Texty písní » Kid Rock - One More Song

Kid Rock - stát se fanouškem

Album: First Kiss
Autor: Kid Rock

Poznámka: vydáno/Veröffentlichung: 2/2015

It's so damn fine to see you once again
It's been so long
And I sure could use a friend
My baby left me high
And dry last evening
And all I can do is try
And stop the bleeding
I got no money and feel so alone
And I ain't got much to say
I should be headed home right now
But I think I'd rather stay

So play one more song
Turn up the radio
And play one more song
'cause I'm not ready to go, oh no

She was a hot little hooker
And I wonder where she gone
Had a smile like summer
And her legs were firm and long
She dressed to kill
And she loved to rock 'n' roll
She trashed my name
And then she stole my soul
She said forever is what we'd be
But that ain't what went down
So please won't you have a friend in me
And pour me another round

And play one more song
Some old time rock 'n' roll
Yeah play one more song
But don't play nothing slow
I don't wanna hear them old sad songs
'Cause that'd just make me cry
I just wanna drink and dance all night
And let the music be my guide yeah

I'm gonna call the band up
And head out on the road
'Cause I got music deep inside my soul
I'm gonna sing from the heart
And try to spark some change
'Cause good time music helps to ease the pain
And when the lights go down
And the crowd gets loud
I'm gonna let her go
And if it feels right
I'll stay all night
If you're not ready to go
If no one's ready to go

I'll play one more song
Some back beat blue-eyed soul
I'll play one more song
Some Alabama Muscle Shoals
I'll play one more song
'cause I'm not ready to go
I'll play one more song
And ease my troubled soul
I don't really care who's wrong or right
But I don't wanna be alone tonight

So play one more song
Play one more song
Play one more song
Play one more song
Baby now, one more song
Sing it now, one more song
Play one more song

Přidal: semir11 dne 11. 03. 2015 v 15:37.
Počet zobrazení: 75 (0).

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