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Kid Rock - I Got One For Ya - text písně

Texty písní » Kid Rock - I Got One For Ya

Kid Rock - stát se fanouškem

Lit up like the Fourth, I'm a happy drunk
Come to poppa big momma cause your daddy's drunk
I wanna pump pump it up like the Goodyear Blimp
Make ya hollar for a dollar that's the way I pimp
Gold links and minks and shrimp dinners on the bayou
Thems are things that I ain't gonna buy you
It's like one of them freak things
Hit it once maybe every couple week things
I got no love, I got no riches
I don't roll Vogues and I ain't got Switches
I got no game, I can't reward ya
But if you want a long one baby

I got one for ya this is your shot
I got one for ya this is your shot

Uh-Huh Check It
People always talkin what they gonna do
They must want their face to maybe taste my shoe
I can't understand all the push and shove
And what the fuck's happened to the peace and love
Who planted that glove man, I don't care
I'm too busy runnin fingers through your momma's hair
I got no time for the fakes and phonies
The crooks and the creeps and the cops and the cronies
Am I the only one on my side
Test my pride I bet you run and hide
You think I'm weak so you're lookin for the kill
But there's sixteen shots in my nine-milimil
I got one for ya, uh huh this is your shot
I got one for ya this is your shot
Jimmy Jimmy...Ji-ah Jimmy Jimmy
I Like that
Yeah...lay it down brother
Lay it down with me baby
Hu Hoooooo Hooo
Lay it down with me baby
Ha Ha
This is your chance

Record companies stressing cause they all want hits
Yeah I'm bout it bout it so I make em like this
They say, Hey there boy all we need is one song
Shorten up that hook we don't need it that long
Don't want to hear me cuss, don't want to hear me brag
So I'm grabbin on my thingy while I let my pants sag
Never thinkin what I'm writin just writin what I'm doin
They say they like my record but they're still boo-hooin'
My joint's always tight, my rhymes will floor ya
Hey slime you wanna hit money...hahaha

I got one for ya
Bet that ass
This is your shot
Uh huh, Uh huh
I got one for ya
Here it is
This is your shot
We got one for ya babe, me and Kid Rock
We got one for ya babe, me and Kid Rock
Hey hey

I got one for ya babe
I got one for ya babe
I got one for ya babe
Me and Kid Rock we gonna rock and gonna roll
We gonna rock, gonna roll, gonna rock & roll
Gonna rock, gonna roll, we gonna rock around
Ha Hiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I like that

Přidal: Ondra dne 10. 10. 2005 v 20:43.
Počet zobrazení: 106 (0).

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