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112 - What If - text písně

Texty písní » 112 - What If

112 - stát se fanouškem

[Verse 1]
(What if) what if I never slept around, never cheated on you girl
(What if) what if didn't break your heart and never ever ruined you world
(What if) what if I always was a real man, face to face to face told you the truth?
(What if) what If I never ever took when you said you wanted to go out and hang with your crew?
(What if) what if I was a different man?
(What if) what if I wasn't so selfish and took one second just to listen to you
(What if) what if I was alone? On my own
(What if) what if I wasn't so damn controlling, you would still be right here

We would still be together, be together, be together right now [3x]
We would still be together, we would still be together girl

[Verse 2]
(What if) what if I didn't have lame excuses for all the stuff that I do?
(What if) what if I had no baby mommas, no damn drama and I never were around you
(What if) what if never called out your name and treated you like you were my queen
(What if) what if I woke up from this damage and this shit was just a dream
(What if) what if I really went to work and spent a whole day creeping?
(What if) what if you were at the beauty shop and you didn't here about me last week?
(What if) what if you ever asked me a question and I didn't stut-stut-stutter all of the time?
(What if) what if I wasn't so damn controlling, you would stiiiill


(What if) what if I meant said I do when I do that I wasn't ready for you
(What if) what if I gave a damn to my church and did to get off in the VIP


We would still be together girl

Přidal: DJ OTTA dne 06. 05. 2005 v 07:12.
Počet zobrazení: 390 (0).

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