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Your Shapeless Beauty - I'll Be Your Shadow God - text písně

Texty písní » Your Shapeless Beauty - I'll Be Your Shadow God

Your Shapeless Beauty - stát se fanouškem

I'll Be Your Shadow God
Feel my breath on your neck
Running down on your spine.
Unhealthy presence is wrapping you,
Remembering sins from the past.
As an eternal eclipse,
I will veil the sun for you.
You can run, but you'll have nowhere to hideYou will find no shelter.....
Hide and seek played in hell
And twilight nevermore.
My presence on your path
Won't be so innocent.
You'll drown in my sea
Of fury and misery,
Sharpen your instincts to live,
For I'll be your shadow god.
Wandering in forgotten temples,
Where angels fear to trade.
Yelling in between these velvet walls,
From where no one ever escaped.
The blood on your knees, the redemption.
Sinking in dismay
for I can not reach my desires,
I dream in blue,
the colour of the endless fall into oblivion.
I see my sanity flying, I see my self dying...
You kept me out of flames to throw me into the night
But my wings burnt the same.
Have you came here to play jesus
Walking on the waters of believers,
Holding your arms like a cross to be adored.
You drawn my essence,
My breath was yours
And yours were my dreams...
You crucified me, in agony
Restless I lay, until the end of this fucking day.
I can't no longer stand this world of bleakness
Doleful is the cost of life
But my heart is the perfect shrine
For my burial on this black cold winter day
At one with fear, for the glory of my dismay
Gloria...Awakening of the last day,
The last awakening, My last day.
I am made of clay and fears, I'm out of way
You will never heal my wounds, you'll never pay...
If a second coming is going to occur
Be sure I'll be waiting in the shades of dawn
Where I lay now...
Am I free or forever trapped?
Under the wings, all have been said...been said...
The whispers of the angels
Are my final song
But do they sing for me?
I don't think so...
But who cares?.....who?......

Přidal: Larius dne 11. 06. 2006 v 18:02.
Počet zobrazení: 104 (0).

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