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Your Shapeless Beauty - An Orchid In My Belfry (nocturnal Call Part 2) - text písně

Texty písní » Your Shapeless Beauty - An Orchid In My Belfry (nocturnal Call Part 2)

Your Shapeless Beauty - stát se fanouškem

An Orchid In My Belfry (Nocturnal Call Part 2)
the stained glass windows as a philter reveal me veiled wisdom
through the icons once carved in blood I drawn secret visions of mankind
an occult light hidden by centuries of sorrow will shine again in my church

fear, hatred
torment, these are the foundations of my night
etrenal, moonless
colder than a death of thousand years in heaven

stars as my swans darken the hollow sky of your life
I'm a conqueror of kind that will never die
for hate in mankind will never wither
as the blue fire of my dreams which once turned black is burning again

hell, sin
just words I swear I'll apply
heaven, or god
satan they are just foolish illusions

oh, I believe in my soul
no one will reject my spirit once again
as my shadow spreads its eerie gaters
and transcend my revenge

listen, listen to this prelude to your infernal journey
touch the thorns of my bloodmade crown
feel the pleasure of sadistic remembraces...
« more than anything, I pray to quit this embodied earth,
never again shall I live with this burden over my flesh »
all their souls just can’t reach nothing, for I refuse love to set my
the pillars of my faith are made of a stone which some call heart

now, yester, tomorrow, time is not my ally but suicide helps my church to
(help me, help me, help me, save me)
among this penumbral light there’s still a glowing ember, there is this
I can touch this orchid, I can feel it, I could...

and I have achieved my masterpiece
a psychotic palace of banished
remembraces, vanished in a desolate breath
I contemplate this unfertile fields that are mine...

preacher, sinner
dreamer that takes possession of time
father and son
gathered in one soul
forever at one as the firing candle in the dark
but who loves me ?

will I never be this one again ?..

Přidal: Larius dne 11. 06. 2006 v 18:03.
Počet zobrazení: 130 (1).

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