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Young Rome - Best Days - text písně

Texty písní » Young Rome - Best Days

Young Rome - stát se fanouškem

Best Days

This is a deep story
A very deep story
The life of Young Rome
Picture me
In the hood playing hiding-go-get-it with a slingshot in my back pocket
Just bad as hell
Dats me

Those where the best times of my life
Those where the best times of my life
(I gotta give it up, to the greatest niggas of my life Marques Houston, LDB)
Those where the best times of my life
(if I can change anything, I wouldn?t change nothing at all)
Those where the best times of my life

[Rap 1:]
Listen up
I remember growing up
In the streets of menace
Where the boys turned thugs
I was labeled a menace
A little bad nigga
Momma use to whip my ass
I?m playing football on the concreted instead of the grass
I remember meeting Chris Stokes
Taz kicked me out the whole bunch
Man the whole hood had jokes
Til we came out with the "Da Munchies"
That?s right Romeo, Batman and Half Pint
We was the first to pull up black street and Destiny?s Child
We had to replace Half Pint cause his parents wasn?t down with letting him ride
We fasted adversity early
Then God blessed us with LDB
New LP
Tours, freaking girls at 13
Young, black and missive living my dreams
Interviews, photo shoots young teen in zoo suits
Hearing grown women saying "they so cute"

Those where the best times of my life
Those where the best times of my life
Those where the best times of my life
Those where the best times of my life

[Rap 2:]
It felt good to see Marques go solo
I stood by his side
His dreams was my dreams
So the love will never die
I remember when we first met B2K
I knew God was with us
And gave us brighter days
Seeing them grow
Meant more to me then seeing them blow
I miss hearing Fizz
Calling me big bro
My love will never change Druex Pierre
I?m in the poof without you and I wish you was here
Its like the game was designed to kill us
Raz and Boog I miss you
I hope this music can heal us
I remember us playing ball andwillin out
Shining together, alternating whips, living in the same house
Tapping chicks out on the same couch
Never thought fame and money would take us this route
But the good out weighed the bad
I?m happy to see you alive and well I aint mad
But I miss you nigga

Those where the best times of my life
Those where the best times of my life
Those where the best times of my life
Those where the best times of my life
(another chapters, this is for my niggas on the block)

[Rap 3:]
I am not God
I can not judge
I refuse to look down upon my thugs while they push they product and bust slugs
I remember seeing chest bang
And dudes I looked up too on the block slanging
Telling me my thang is making the music
And anything is bad for you if you abuse
So we equivalent in the sense
And what I learned from back in the day
I hope you youngins follow my footprints
(follow my footprints)

[Chorus til fade]

Přidal: Larius dne 10. 06. 2006 v 18:31.
Počet zobrazení: 124 (0).

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