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Yob - Catharsis - text písně

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Yob - stát se fanouškem

All the fear
All the pain
Built within
The hope and the tears
To measure the worth
To understand it
Feeling what is fuels the change
We're overjoyed feeling all right in our skin
The apocalypse never felt so good
The tyranny
Built upon our philosophies
Not for me
In solitude again
In this world we're living in
I can't get no release
It's cold outside in the rain
When all is said and done
Tell me what does it mean
Feeling what is fuels the change
All the rage
Useless treasures
Rotten waste
Shadows fall
Into dust in me
Shapeless ether
Quantum strain
Human structures
Confused and weak
Create the plague
Faceless hatred
The race suffers
Confused and weak
World of chaos
Floats in the void
Formless lost
Fed with destruction
Fed with destruction
Formless lost
The world of chaos floats in the void
World of chaos
Floats in the void
Lost in the void
Welcome to the apocalypse
Exaulted coming the death of regret
Break the shackles the useless refined
Rise upon the violet throne
Cast the darkness to the wolves
Never seen it
Never before
Achored deathless connect to the whole
10 billion eyes yet only one sees
Rise upon the violet throne
Cast the darkness to the wolves
The catharsis the change from within
Never will I follow
Aeons old black hole devours the stars
Empty hollow within
Eating the pain
Rejecting the soul
The beginning of the end
Rise upon
The violet throne
Cast the darkness to the wolves

Přidal: Ondra dne 27. 04. 2009 v 20:37.
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