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Yattering - Demons Innoculate - text písně

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Yattering - stát se fanouškem

Psychopath instincts
Gave in modificationed genes
Inoculated was into
Wearer organism
Devastated her uterus inside
Taken power (medium) from cels of givers
days wanted him...so he struggled without problems
Tearing bosom
Went into world into other world

When he's struggling under control of the "project"
He sewed himself between messes and he's destroying
Other satisfy his desires
Damned...Possibilities...let him...to open...
Sick...register...of chaos
(Not his world who was passing - wanted)
A lot of people helped
This devil's son of the bitch
Transferred his essence of
Taste experiences hell
He saw and felt a beauty
Passing through
The demonic imagination
And Demons and Vampires
-Took him in day of glory -
He felt strong so he'd opposed
-Who give him a live-
Fettered in the whirl of crazy spirit and body
He's penancing in the unimagined world
His anger brows beat us
If he'll slip a way taking everything
Into his "eye"
Inocunarting anger
And terror fear

Přidal: Kamcha dne 05. 07. 2006 v 01:22.
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