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Xzibit - Family Values - text písně

Texty písní » Xzibit - Family Values

Xzibit - stát se fanouškem

This how you make me feel x3
Thats how i know its real
Take you around the world x 3
Cos your my baby girl x 3
Cos your my my my
Cos your my baby girl x 3
Cos your my my my

[Verse One]
This how you make me feel
thats how i know its real
take you around the world
cos your my baby girl
i know you feelin good
i know you feelin right
you see me ridin, you ridin wit me, our shit is tight
self made millionare refined myself
my success god bless not defined by wealth
cum on
we live in crazy times
niggers that lost their minds
we wanna fuck every fuckin chicken we fuckin find
but then there comes a time
when you start to grow
but you aint growin with me and its startin' to show
before i say i cant live without you
lets sit and have a talk about family value
now listen
i see you got some kids
that you aint never with
your baby father put hands on you some crazy shit
so he gon' pay for that
fuck with niggers who rap
most of that quality time is spent on your back
now before i devote the rest of my life
can you at least show a nigger you can boil some rice [ha ha]
is that to much to ask
am i movin to fast
do you have anything to offer me besides some ass
you think you high class
the upper esulon
but spent all your grit money in the hair salon
i'm sposed to help you out, but it just made me think
you aint ready for the world, you aint ready for me


[Verse 2]

Dam baby i see they drivin you crazy
Because your bodies amazin i know you wanted to phase me, but hey
i've seen alot of girls
messed up alot of curls
u aint gon' keep me with sex when only sex occurs
want you to think ahead, not just give me head
want you to make a household, baby, not just the bed
i know they seen is what you seem to see,
but u need'nt to be but believe you me, baby girl
they jus' gon' use you up [use you up]
fuck you and bruise you up [bruise you up]
they got no family values
they aint gon' choose you up [choose you up]
we disrespect ourselves
we think we livin' well
i could be wrong in this song but only time will tell
you maybe thinkin 'hey X you just a hypocrit'
'you actin like you never called a girl a fuckin' bitch'
nah its not that [that], but its like this [this]
we need change and i'm just man enough to say this shit

Přidal: dne 13. 11. 2006 v 19:01.
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