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Xavier Baumaxa - Negatiff Reggae - text písně

Texty písní » Xavier Baumaxa - Negatiff Reggae

Xavier Baumaxa - stát se fanouškem

Last night I woke up very early
it was 2 to 2, which means 01:58
my dreams just broke up I felt so poorly,
I doesn‘t know,
whether it’s too early or too late
I felt so lonely, there was nobody to cal
l there were 2 to 2 to talk
which means zero, zero
I am the last wide awake hero
in the night - and that ain’t right
I feel like night lovin’ criminal

2 to 2
the worst zero I can imagine
2 to 2
the last man standing in the pyjamas
2 to 2
in vain I’m waiting for my heroine
2 to 2
negatiff vibrations in da house

( I wish I were sleeping in the Midloch of the night
but I can’t - there are too many positiff peopula around me
I have always hated positiff peopula from the bottom of my heart!
I feel so black with them, do you know what black is, baby?
Black is one of the whitest colors I have ever seen…)

…and she doesn’t come to me
I wait in vain with my pint of sorrow
Black hole sun be my destiny, child,
So leave the happiness for tomorrow
It is 2 to 2…

Přidal: dne 13. 09. 2007 v 15:20.
Počet zobrazení: 1263 (0).

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