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Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel - text písně

Texty písní » Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel

Whitney Houston - stát se fanouškem

Feat. faith evans and kelly price
Written by: c. schack, k. karlin, t. savage

This is the heartbreak hotel (9x)
You said that you’d be here by nine
And said you took your time
You didn’t think to call me boy
Here I sit trying not to cry
Asking myself why you do this to me
Chorus 1 (sung by faith evans)
Since you’re not around for me to tell you baby face to face
I’m writing you this letter, and this is hat I have to say:
All I really wanted was some of your time
Instead you told me lies
When someone else was on your mind
What you do to me
Look what you did to me
I thought that you were someone who would do me right
Until you play with my emotions and you made me cry
What you do to me
Can’t take what you did to me
Now I see that you been doing wrong
You played me all along.
And made a fool of me, baby
You got it all wrong to think that I wouldn’t find out
That you were cheating on me.
How could you do it to me?
Chorus 2 (sung by kelly price)
This is the heartbreak hotel (9x)
Chorus and ad lib
I ain’t goin to take it no more (4x)
(kelly price)everthing you said was a lie
Don’t lie to me (fade out)

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