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Wem & Jimmy Maguire - Shoot Me Down - text písně

Texty písní » Wem & Jimmy Maguire - Shoot Me Down

Wem - stát se fanouškem

Jimmy Maguire - stát se fanouškem

Album: The Unexpected

Like a free sample, you gotta try me
Got dudes who ride with me, girls who wanna ride me
My words are not styrofoam don't take em lightly
Blinding diamonds on my chain, they shine brightly
No surprises, I am here to stay
Not saline on a chest I am not fake
Make moves is my motto and my last words
You dudes are all the same like mom spelt backwards
I sweat gas, they got you gassed up
If they come for me I got a couple stashed up
It cost to play the game, so I paid up
Time is money, I got money, so I always stay up
I got my shit together and they all hate it
They know that I'll die forever just to fucking make it
No time is wasted, I just grind on
The girls I chill with when we fuck we leave the lights on

You see it don't have to have a verse and a chorus and then a verse and a chorus, cause it's just me

Me and Jai B go together like we Drake and Noah
They see us coming for em they know their days are over
The wait is over, The Unexpected's here
Give me time you other rappers gon be yester-year
Had to say goodbye, cause I could never love her
How do I stay humble with my ex's on the covers
Of the magazines and the billboards
And I'm high, like I'm 10 stores
I mean I'm 10 stories, I am a beast
Like a chupacabra if she hot I might holla
But only if she swallows like twitter they follow
I like every single girl but I'm addicted to the models
Full throttle, is how I go
I want your hoe to know, that I'm finna blow
Up like am C4, I never take a detour
I stick to what works and that's me and I am sure
Nobody else is like me, I'm getting better nightly
You wanna know where I am, it's where the hoes find me
Been going off the dome, I'm rarely ever home now
Cause I'm no longer on the fucking ground

Yeah... I'm in the fucking sky, please don't shoot me down

Přidal: Ornela dne 03. 06. 2011 v 19:23.
Počet zobrazení: 91 (0).

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