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Wem - Runaway - text písně

Texty písní » Wem - Runaway

Wem - stát se fanouškem

Album: The Unexpected

My time my time yeah I said it's my time
Like Phil Collins said it tonight it's in the air right
Get ready for the hype, like it's Y2K night
I am so high, I'm so ready to take flight
This is my party, get yourself an invite
Man I go heavy on the beat I just ain't light
Got a styrofoam, you know I pour the Screw right
Drop a bit a syrup mixed in with some damn sprite
Dude I am hungry on the beat like a great white
Man I am raping this shit like a run kites
If killing beats is wrong I don't ever wanna be right
Bitch I sees it with closed eyes in the night
Heartbreaker runs this shit, lovely
My girls be all 10s, yours, fugly
My girls be jumping cause they know that dick's coming
Any hot chick, I'm gon be fucking something
I'm rapper rock star I got myself a guitar
But I can't play that motherfucker I know that shit is bizarre
Yeah I'm stupid on the beat yeah I'm a retard
Tom Brady throw, I'm ready to go real far
You bitches do stars, oops I meant you do stare
Cause when I walk into a club for other guys it ain't fair
Your girl be looking good, she cheats on you while you stare
If that's your wife well I guess it is an affair
Kanye did his thing on this, and Pusha did his thing on this
But Wem is checking in just to kill this beat and burry it
So I'm here with a shovel let me throw some dirt on it
No guilt I stay legit, bananas I go super split
Got myself a model bitch, she knows that I just won't commit
Gave her dick and left and then she threw a fucking hissy fit
But I caught that shit cause I was born with a catcher's mitt
Threw it in her face so that she knows that I don't ever quit
Now that bitch be cumming quick, dick her mouth she coughing spit
I just fucked this beat oh my god it's like I gave it dick
Call me a dog, but where is my bitch
And I be nailing this beat like it's got an inch
Your girl is open so, get her a stich
And I get any girl, call me hitch
No apologies, the game should honor me
I fed it her, do you Roger me
After I fuck you girl, don't bother me
Even when I leave, they are after me
Yeah I'm a runaway, legs like a centipede
Heartbreaker people, who's better than we
To do better than us, well you tried
I don't trust anything that bleeds and don't die
And I'm a superhuman more like a superhero
Even if I was the villain you would still be the zero
And it's a shame how I don't look like they typical
Rapper, so I'm opened to be ridiculed
Trust me if you knocked over what I built
I would just do it again because you know I don't quit
I do me man and I go about the finish line
Instinct is to sprint but it's still a step at a time
Can't forget what my mom said when I was nine
She said son you're a star and I know your gunna shine

Přidal: Ornela dne 03. 06. 2011 v 09:26.
Počet zobrazení: 70 (0).

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