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Warren Barfield - Love Is Not A Fight - text písně

Texty písní » Warren Barfield - Love Is Not A Fight

Warren Barfield - stát se fanouškem

Love is not a place
To come and go as we please
It's a house we enter in
And then commit to never leave
So lock the door behind you
Throw away the key
We'll work it out together
Let it bring us to our knees

Love is a shelter in a raging storm
Love is peace in the middle of a war
If we try to leave may Gos send angels to guard the door
No, love is not a fight but it's something worth fighting for

To some, love is a word that they can fall into
But then they're falling out
Keeping that word is hard to do
Love will come to save us, if we'll aonly call
He will ask nothing from us, but demand we give our all
I would fight for you, would you fight for me?
It's worth fighting for.

Přidal: Ondra dne 16. 08. 2008 v 18:17.
Počet zobrazení: 524 (1).

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