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Twenty 4 Seven - You Gotta Be Safe - text písně

Texty písní » Twenty 4 Seven - You Gotta Be Safe

Twenty 4 Seven - stát se fanouškem

Wake up, wake up, better stand up,
we know what time it is, we better stop.
If you care for you life, pay attention,
but even if you don't I wanna mention.
Have fun and have a good time,
make the best of life and do it fine.
But you gotta think,
you know you gotta behave, cause...

Just take it easy when you go,
cause there's time enough for the show,
Don't forget the feeling of romance,
even though your mind is in trance.
Don't be mislead by vision,
cause it's more that just a decision.
It is a rule and a new way of living,
And it's the only chance that is giving.

Nothing's wrong in dreaming,
about the way your life used to be.
But let me tell you life is beaming,
just look around and you'll see,
Get with it and stick with the program,
don't take the risk if you can.
I believe it's more than just a wave, and...

Can we try, try to make a new life,
let's start right now, don't jive.
I'm gonna be number one in proving,
That I think before I start moving.
Let's get it right, don't hesitate,
don't wait to long cause it's late.
And if you know there's danger baby,
it is guarantee, no maybe.
Bang! An explosion,
can you feel the vibe and it's strong.
Bang! Bang! That's the notion,
taking care of life can't be wrong.
Keep on loving, cause it's good,
and standing tall is brave.
I really hope that you understood, that...

Let it go through your body.
Let it go through your soul.
If you wanna dance with somebody,
there's one thing you should know.
Do you know,
what you can do if you want to?
Do you know,
don't let your mind run free.
Do you know,
better be safe than sorry.
Do you know,
that is the one for me.

*** MUSIC BY: Ruud van Rijen ***
*** LYRICS BY: Stay-C ***

Přidal: DuckToy dne 13. 06. 2008 v 18:44.
Počet zobrazení: 141 (0).

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