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Toni Braxton - Give U My Heart - text písně

Texty písní » Toni Braxton - Give U My Heart

Toni Braxton - stát se fanouškem

Your love's so exciting
Boy I can't deny it
Since you found a place in my heart
Givin' me a feeling
Ooh it's such a feeling
I pray that we never will part
How can I explain it
Please hear what I'm sayin'
You bring so much so much joy to my life
Words cannot express
So much happiness
I'll forever be by your side

And I will give you my heart
And I will always be true to you
And I will love you forever

If I could just make love to you
Make love to you
Girl I must confess it
You've been such a blessing
Never felt so good in my life
You know how to take it
I know how to give it
We both always have a good time
I hear what you're sayin'
Lord knows you ain't playin'
Ain't no doubt that I'm satisfied
And I'll keep it comin'
Keep bringin' the lovin'
So baby bring your lovin'
Every morning, noon, and night

[HOOK (2 times)]

Oh give me just a minute and
I'll jump right on in it
We can make love under the stars
All year pleasure pleasure
I'll be yours forever
Girl, I'll never leave now
I'll be there to please you
We won't have to worry at all

[HOOK (3 times)]

I will go all the way down
I'll make it feel so good
I wanna do you right
If I could just make love to you

[HOOK (2 times)]

Přidal: dne 25. 03. 2006 v 18:23.
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