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Third Eye Blind - Dao Of St. Paul - text písně

Texty písní » Third Eye Blind - Dao Of St. Paul

Third Eye Blind - stát se fanouškem

In this night, I need to call you but all the lines are blown.
If only you knew, how empty I feel.
But maybe then you're lonely too,
And it's tearing through you like a punctured wound.
Maybe no one knows what to do.
When we know we're alone in a temporary home.
Maybe we'll realize that's a blessing in disguise.
A blessing in disguise.

Well don't you know the sound of anger brings a dark result.
And every insult is like a lightning bolt.
So go home now, oh yeah,
You don't have one, to some guy that you don't know.
And make a baby, but that won't change my problem though.
I spent the last three years setting myself on fire for you.
I spent the last three years never knowing if what you say is true.
And it'll be this way until one of us dies.
Is that a blessing in disguise?
It's a blessing in disguise.

And I tell myself what we're living for.
And say: rejoice, evermore.
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah [x4]

'Til one of us dies. [x2]

Well I confess that so far happiness eludes me in my life.
You better hurry up if its ever to be mine.
Better hurry up now if we're ever gonna find, what we're living for.
If it's not you, anymore.
I'll learn,
To sing:
Evermore, rejoice.

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