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The Streets - Lets Push Things Forward - text písně

Texty písní » The Streets - Lets Push Things Forward

The Streets - stát se fanouškem

"Let's Push Things Forward"

This ain't the down it's the upbeat
Make it complete
So what's the story?
Guaranteed accuracy enhanced CD
Latest technology, Darts at Treble 20
Huge non-recuparable advance
Majors be vigilent
I excel in both content and deliverance
So let's put on our classics
And we'll ave a little dance, shall we?
No sales pitch, no media hype
No hydro, it's nice and ripe
I speak in communication in bold type
This AIN'T yer archetypal street sound
Scan for ultrasound North, South, East, West
And all round and then to the underground
You say that every thing sounds the same
Then you go buy them! There's no excuses my friend
Let's push things forward
As we progress to the checkpoint
I wholeheartedly agree with yer viewpoint
But this ain't your typical Garage joint
I make points which hold significance
That ain't a bag it's shipment
This ain't a track it's a movement
I got the settlement
My frequencies are transient
And resonate your eardrums
I make bangers not anthems
Leave that to the Artful Dodger
The broad shouldered 51% shareholder
You won't find us on Alta Vista
Cult classic, not bestseller
Your gonna need more power,
Plug in the freephase and the generator
Crank it up to the gigawatts
Critics ready with the potshots, the plot thickens
Put on yer mittens for these sub-zero conditions
But remember I'm just spittin',
Remember I'm just spittin'
Once bitten, forever smitten
You say that everything sounds the same
Then you go buy them! There's no excuses my friend
Let's Push Things Forward
Spilt jewels like Eastern Riches
Junkie Fixes
Around 'ere we say Birds, not bitches
As London Bridge burns down, Brixton's burning up
Turns out your in luck
Cos I know this dodgy fuck in The Duck
So it's just another showflick from your
Local City Poet
Case you geezers don't know it
Lets Push Things Forward
It's a tall order, but were taller
Calling all mawlers, backstreet brawlers
Cornershop crawlers, victories flawless
Love us or hate us, but don't slate us
Don't conform to formulas
Pop genres and such Sharp darts, double Dutch
Parked cars, troubles a much with more Bud
Let's Push Things Forward
You say that everything sounds the same
The you go buy them! There's no excuses my friend
Let's Push Things Forward.

Přidal: Ondra dne 03. 05. 2006 v 14:57.
Počet zobrazení: 112 (0).

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