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The Partisans - Only 21 - text písně

Texty písní » The Partisans - Only 21

The Partisans - stát se fanouškem

We grew up together We saw it all we thought we had it made
but how was I gonna know That the bond we had would soon begin to fade
The times we spent the fun we had Are the memories that just turned bad
But that's the price we pay for being young
We roamed the streets of every town We almost had the country on its knees
But mass acceptance dragged you down We were a problem overcome with ease
But unlike as we thought was right We went down without a fight
And we let them grind us into the ground
The years have gone behind us The things we've said and done
It's strange to be nostalgic When you're only 21
There came a time when you were gone, When everything you stood for disappeared
And now I look at the shadow left And I doubt if you will reappear
'Cos you've left a legacy of clones Of broken minds in broken homes
And it looks like I've become a memory

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