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The Partisans - Keep On - text písně

Texty písní » The Partisans - Keep On

The Partisans - stát se fanouškem

The bullets fly beneath the sun
Precision guidance freedom comes
When the boss begins
To break the rules we made
Gun control is what we need
To keep the terrorists we've seen
Hiding in their hills
And always running

And I'll keep on with what I want
No point in always hiding
And I'll keep on with what I want
No point in never trying

Embedded news reports at home
We've experienced it all
Not for the first time
We get to save our souls
This is the advertisers dream
Kmart sells to keep you clean
Stockpiled high because
They know you'll need it

Aljazerah news is free
But I tune into the BBC
Time Warner is AO Hell
Keeps us happy keeps us well
Microsoft keep playing hard
Secure Services at heart
Reocording ecerything they see
Keep you happy keep you free

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