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The Lumineers - Submarines - text písně

Texty písní » The Lumineers - Submarines

The Lumineers - stát se fanouškem

Album: The Lumineers

I believe submarines
Underneath deep blue seas
Saw the flags: Japanese
No one will believe me

Ran back to the town bar
And I told the people how
I had seen the submarine
And everyone laughed aloud

I did spy periscopes
Dead of night on the eastern coast
The police made them jokes
Told me I'd seen a ghost

Everyone thinks I'm a liar
No one knows the truth
If it was a bigger fire
I would be on the roof

Ships will rust in Baldwin Bay
(Let me go!)
No one trusts what I say
(I don't know!)
Oh my God, no one paid
Overnight my hair turned gray
(Oh oh oh!)

In the end it boils down to credibility
I had none, so I will die with the secrets of the sea

(Submarine! Can't find me! Submarine!)



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