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The County Medical Examiners - Necrotic Apologues - text písně

Texty písní » The County Medical Examiners - Necrotic Apologues

The County Medical Examiners - stát se fanouškem

Necrotic Apologues

Disgusting apologues teach grisly parables
Didactic explorations of putrefying stiffs
Decay: a fact of nature most allegorical
The fetid realizations quickly make me sick
Pathology turned philosophy
Seminar and necropsy
Stippled flesh fouled with soot spell a gruesome clue
Spatter patterns ink confessions sanguinely penned
Pieces found in garbage sacs point to sober truths:
Life is terminal and contritely spent
Bloated sage on my table
Spins a rancid, age-old fable
Slime and rot
Pock and clot
Corpse gives in
To pathogens
Hack the mess
Quite distressed
The face below
Is my own
Pathology-warding litany
Autopsy-tragic finale

[Solo: perennial discourse in putrefaction]

The splattered carcass stagnates
It seeps slick purge onto the floor
It heralds our own fates
Destinies described in gore
Abraded rope compression marks underline the fact
Mangled corpses offer postmortem viewpoints
Ragged stab wounds carve futile warnings
Jutting knife hilts like dripping exclamation points
Vomitus epiphany
Emeritus, so reeking
Bilious slag
Blood-soaked slab
Wasting host
Hot compost
To my chagrin
Gross Doctrines
Consume my thoughts
Amidst the rot
Pathology-warding litant
Autopsy-tragic finale

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