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The County Medical Examiners - Maturating Decompositional Gas - text písně

Texty písní » The County Medical Examiners - Maturating Decompositional Gas

The County Medical Examiners - stát se fanouškem

Maturating Decompositional Gas

The fetid menage of wafting flatus
Singe my palate with nauseating rot
This stale concoction of postmortem brew
Inundate nasal passages with snot
Grotesque reaction
Huff the carcass
Odiferous putrefaction
Airborne bacteria lodge in my sinuses
Tickle the back of my throat with decay
Violently retching, coughing up phlegm
Laced with acrid cadaveric waste
Reddened eyes sore from maturating odor
Repugnant air currents of flavor so vile
The sour fetor assaults my taste buds
I regurgitate vitriolic bile
Dank perfume
Necrotic gas
Reeking plumes
Medical examiners scramble for air
Menthol cream mustaches stave off the stench
Gusts of mephitis breach ventilation hoods
The musty rank tang makes my stomach lurch
Sniff the stiff
Effusing mold
Corrosive whiff
The fog of dissection
Postmortem haze
Tear-inducing gas
Leave me in a daze

[Solo: snorting necrotic funk, high on the choking musk]

A retching chorus scores the morgue
Carcass is swollen with bactericidal activity
Eructing its final funeral dirge
Sputtering the crescendo of its redolent symphony
Sickening zephyrs
Bouquet of stink
Pungent resins
Weeping meat expels a foul fragrance
Baptizing us in a spicy caress
The cadaver belly, distended and bloated
Collapses into a burping, bubbling mess
Carrion vapor seeps from necrotic tissue
Effervescing with puddles of cocktailed juice
It eddies and swirls, churns and foams
Before scraping down the drainage sluice
Noxious chemical hazard
Reeking human offal
Miasma so rancid and caustic
Virulent murk most awful
Stagnant decedent a jellied clump
Organic refuse heap host to rot
Pathological rebellion of bacteria
Vitiates the viscera refusing to stop

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