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The County Medical Examiners - Blunt Force Flight - text písně

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The County Medical Examiners - stát se fanouškem

Blunt Force Flight

The aftermath of blunt force trauma crumpled in the morgue
Crushed decedents pulped to rags, skin-wrapped splintered bones
Splaying limbs bruised and rent, finding countless dents
Reenacting comic flights, the graceless cause of death
Pureed entrails porridge
Organs jumbled raw
New tenant in cold storage
Brains pitched liquescent
Teeth ground in maw
Whole carcass quite putrescent
Bodies struck by vehicles, impact sending flight
Whiplash limbs twist midair, spinning from the plight
Subjects fallen from great heights, hemorrhage on the ground
Long bones jutting through torn skin, leaking pasty mound
Blunt force trauma injury pulverizes subjects instantly
Postmortem X-ray imagery tells the grisly tale
Dislocating joint from bone, the corpse makes crepitating moans
I dissect but quickly sew, completely overwhelmed
Frame cracks and rifts
Decedent lifts
Pirouette through the air
As tendons tear
Tubs of sickly yellow fat spilled from dermal splits
Carcass weighing ten less pounds from missing crime scene bits
Scalp and skin dislodged and sloughing, draped in wrinkled pules
The wealth of trauma adds new pages to my growing file
Slackened jaw unpinned
Hinges open wide
Forms a ghastly grin
Eyes protruding pink
Looking quite surprised
They deflate and sink
Puzzles reassembled
Not one truly resembles
Humanity at all
(The stuff is an utter waste
A shambles of a closed-casket case)
Final flight recorded on the fragile human body
A trip so terminal as to be without ignominy
Evidence presented in crushed bits of scrap
Flailing jellied form, a boneless pummeled sack
Skein of tangled viscera wind fractured discs of vertebra
Life-succinet ephemera: It's snugged unceremoniously
Road debris embedded in the chalky, scraped riven skin
Innards now revolt within and rupture sloshing froth
Frame cracks and rifts
Decedent lifts
Pirouette through the air
As tendons tear

[Solo: elegy for the broken]

Přidal: Ondra dne 20. 05. 2007 v 09:10.
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