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Termanology - Sorry I Lied To You - text písně

Texty písní » Termanology - Sorry I Lied To You

Termanology - stát se fanouškem

Album: Politics As Usual

Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You
Yo, yo, yo

Yo, never wanted to lie, how dishonest was I
My depression became me, I just wanted to die
Not because of a girl, just because of the worlds
Harsh reality, look what it did to the boroughs
My invincible world, no one can see me
I'm on the TV, that's how my pendicle twirl
In this pitiful world, where your bitch is your girl
And your gun is your friend, as well as your enemy
Cause, you gotta defend, but the penitentiary
Where you properly end, not coincidentally
Another felony, the same ol' melody
Another person we love turn to a memory
Remember when I was young, it was just Ed and me
I used to tell him E: Yo they gonna remember me
This shits depressin' me, about to swallow a ecstasy
Shit, at least I'm rockin' with Extra P

Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry baby
Sorry I Lied To You
Term, uhh
Sorry I Lied To You
Album on the way though, you know
Sorry I Lied To You

Yo, to the fans I'm sorry I kept you waitin'
I know I told you the albums was one the way, and
This shit is crazed on every radio station
My songs playin', happy US-urpation
I guess I got caught up in the guns blazin'
Set up by a crooked police station
They throwin' dirt on my name, the streets hatin'
Should I go back to the block, or just stay in
Day in, day out, no budget, so drugs sellin'
Cause that's how we sold my shit out
Straight out, ain't no frontin'
Ask anybody who hustled in my hood what I'm about
So I'm out, guess they got rid of me
Rap should consider me one of the realest out
Without a doubt, thanks for the dough
To they fans who copped my CD when they was broke - That's real

Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You
Uhm, uhm
Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You
Sorry I Lied To You

Přidal: semir11 dne 26. 08. 2011 v 19:15.
Počet zobrazení: 53 (1).

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