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Tal Bachman - Romanticide - text písně

Texty písní » Tal Bachman - Romanticide

Tal Bachman - stát se fanouškem

Another grand surprise
Your rapier wit cut me down to size
You love to pass your time
Looking for ways to play the thorn in my side
It's déj? vu one more time

Whoever said to take it on the chin
Whoever said that good guys always win
Has never seen the sorry state I'm in
A victim of romanticide again

My little atom bomb
This is the last time you'll do me wrong
So listen when I speak
I can't go on forever turning my cheek
Your whipping boy's about to speak


I've paid my bills and cleaned out my closet,
Slammed the front door tight
I can't believe that I ever thought
This all would work out right


Whoever said to get down on your knees
Give your ground, or try your best to please
Has never seen my lonely misery
A victim of romanticide, that's me

Přidal: helena dne 13. 11. 2008 v 21:03.
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