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Swollen Members - Night Vision - text písně

Texty písní » Swollen Members - Night Vision

Swollen Members - stát se fanouškem

Album: Dagger Mouth

Night Vision

Innocence has been lost, but innocence is beautiful
Spreading love, is the only way to make it back

Cocaine and steroids, I don't get paranoid
You are not a gangster, you're a fuckin errand boy
Werewolf warlord poet and a warrior
Mad Child king, Vancouver and Victoria
These kids forfeit against war orphans
I kill often, I fill coffins
Life's still awful, I will profit
Mad shine bright like light in a socket
Leader of the new school, bringin back the old school
True school, fans know my plan, it is foolproof
My life will be a documentary
Don't pop oxys, shit'll rock your memory
Don't get cocky, kids'll not remember you
Be loyal to your fans and always tell the truth in interviews
Me, Prev, Rob, yo we do our job in intervals
Lucky cause I get to fuck some girls that look like centerfolds
Unlucky when I cross the border cause of Interpol
My name's red flagged, I'm from Canada where winter's cold
Love makin music, I feel it in my inner soul
I love God, I have broken from the devil's hold
Ever since tryin to steer clear of all the seven sins
Realizing I have been to places I have never been
Meaning that I never ever stopped to smell the roses
This world is full of evil, and people are ferocious
Dragons are red yeah, magic is black
Yeah oxys are blue, yeah the manglers are back
Listen to my fuckin song, what kind of language is that?
Sorry but the rapper full of pain and anguish is back
I am strange, that's a fact, I'm insane, that's a fact
Cold nights, dark days, and my rainbows are black
Yeah I was poppin pills, doin rails, that's a fact
Now my life's like a train that's derailed off the track
Rap with iron jaws, face like iron mask
But I told you that I'm Schwarzenegger, bitch I am back
I am back... [echoes]

"Swollen Members" "The perfect combination"
"Still a Battle Axe Warrior"
"I've already told you" "you can hear it"
"S&M rocks the spot, that's the anthem"
"Mad Child" "Mad Child" "Mad Child"

I used to take a ferry boat, float across the River Styx
Morse code flow classified encrypted messages
North Pole, cold lace your face, no compasses
North face, set up base camp, same emphasis
Survival of the fittest, eat rival tribes for breakfast
Ravenous, wait until the moon is in its crescent
Black obelisk surrounded by primates
Time waits for no man, mindstate will vibrate
Ask me what I hate, then I'll state hatred
I'm a Canadian with friends that are patriots
Passport aged like a newspaper
I'm not of this world, James Bond, "Moonraker"
Dude you're soft, Lara Croft, "Tomb Raider"
I've mastered this craft, last of the airbenders
All four elements are at my disposal
Control nights' creatures - bats, rats, cobras

"Mad Child" "Prev One"
"You can hear it"
"S&M rocks the spot, that's the anthem"
"You can hear it"
"S&M rocks the spot, that's the anthem"
"You can hear it"
"S&M rocks the spot, that's the anthem"

Přidal: Ornela dne 12. 05. 2011 v 12:35.
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