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Styles Of Beyond - Nine Thou - text písně

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Styles Of Beyond - stát se fanouškem

Hey yo first things first
It´s time to shake ground in the eighth round
Bax better & break down
From the beat & the wild tone, jump in the cyclone
Styles, yes I know
We´re the... team, maxime...
Put ´em up, what the fuck
Stuff they can´t breathe
Off the wall spitting, n***a we´re in the tag-team
What´s up now? jump down, stuff they cant breathe
Yo! you kno the routine, the demon effect
Please, don´t step, you wanna be one of my pet peeve´s
The more beef the better, sound strange but you all wanna creep together
Ok? in the club what a cheesy sweater
Why not, we got so much street credit, the rookie police let us
Now that´s bull-ish, ´cause we don´t act sweet
´Cause I can run 10 laps in a track meet

Keep it moving it´s on now
Making it punk rile
Shaking the funk rile
Rip it apart style
Fakin´ the funk pal
Dunk watch the punk
What now, watch your battleship get sunk down
Click, pow, nine thou, what?
Just what I thought, what´s up now?

Hold it down, never give in
Styles having your limbs
Or weather you want it to end
Dirty m´again, I burn him again
05 serving them sins
Or 30 your friends get knocked out, turbuline wind
Punk´d out, what you want, take a look at my grin
I´m a fish you can tell by the flippers & fin´s
C´mon, yo! I got a wack style
...the offspring & joke with ´em
The distort... stream
Who am I? ... relate who & I
Cruising your bed, how to live... in july
Area 51 stereo, vibe, gun live
Here we go, west soldiers, we drop some
We´re the kids in the hall, with the new lactate
Blast from both angles, a bulldog saint
So, get up get up & let the sound hit ya
Snap the ... style picture uh!


Who the fuck... upon a shellfish
In any your style playing the... blitz
Drilling your brain, like rap & video-games
But it´s a **** the styles get any of your fame
Yo! what kind of stuff is he on
Really its styles, c´mon punk shove off
You really gotta be gone, ripped out of your brain
Script over your lip to dispossess your... game
What´s with this... me kibbles n bits
We´re in the street... the globe I can´t fix
Get it? I´m sick with it, when I spit the venom
& it drip´s up in ´em & it get´s the women in a quick dilemma
We can settle it now, & I don´t kno who did it but they said it was styles


Click, pow, nine thou, what? just what I thought what´s up now (2x)

Přidal: Ondra dne 10. 12. 2006 v 17:27.
Počet zobrazení: 203 (0).

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