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Stevie Hoang - If I Wat The One - text písně

Texty písní » Stevie Hoang - If I Wat The One

Stevie Hoang - stát se fanouškem

Girl I See The Way He Treats You
I Feel The Pain And The Tears You Cry
Why Do U Let Him Do This To U Everytime Baby Everytime
Now Girl I Got A Proposition
Girl You's A Queen U Should Be With Me
Il Take You On A Private Journey,Just U And Me

If I Was The One Who Was Loving U
Id Do All The Things That He Wont Do
Ill Give You What U Need Be So Good To You
Everynight Everynight
Girl I Know Its Hard But You Can Trust In Me
Ill Be All The Man That You Could Ever Need
Baby Its Bout Time That You Should Walk Away
Give Me The Chance, Let Me Be The One

Girl I Know The Situation
You've Been With Him Now For So Long
But U Dont Have To Stay With Someone That Makes U Cry
Always Telling U Lies
Now Girl Its Obvious That He Will Never Change
So Heres Your Chance Girl Up And Leave
You Need That Special Kind Of Guy To Treat U Right
Sounds Like The Job For Me

Let Me Hear U Say, You'll Pack Your Bags And Walk Alway
Let Me Hear U Say, That U Wont Stay Another Day
Let Me Hear U Say, Girl That U Wont Be Afraid
Let Me Hear U Say, That U Gon Find A Better Day

Přidal: Ondra dne 21. 05. 2009 v 11:04.
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