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Stephen Lynch - She Gotta Smile - text písně

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Stephen Lynch - stát se fanouškem

She gotta smile,
Yeah, She gotta smile and
she's flashin' it right at me
She gotta wink, a wink across
the bar and I know that it's meant to be.
She gotta walk, Oooh she walkin' over
and i know this could be my day.

She got a ... friend,
Eeeew she gotta friend;
Why's she standin' in her way?!?

It's her big fat friend!
Oh god there's always one
Big fat friend
To ruin my F---ing fun!

Well baby baby baby
if it's boots you wanna knock,
Leave your chubbly friend at home
because she's gonna block the cock.
Now I'm afraid of no man,
With any I'll contend,
But I cannot compete with your
Big Fat Friend.

(Well Big fat friend, Ah, we meet again!)

She won't leave her alone,
She rolls her eyes; makes sarcastic
coments while she's suckin' on that
chicken bone.
Well, you may think you've won the
battle but i tend to dis-agree.
See I know you, and your Achelies Heel,
And he's standing next to me.
My non-discriminating friend
(So what that you're a cow!)
Non-discriminating friend!
(I'll nail you anyhow!)

Now I know that he's no looker
and he's had a couple rounds,
But with every shot of Jager
hey you loose a couple pounds!

Now baby baby baby bring the
evening to an end,
Just you and me and my pal,
and your big fat friend.

Přidal: dne 13. 04. 2008 v 20:57.
Počet zobrazení: 142 (0).

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