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Stefan Raab - Maschen-draht-zaun - text písně

Texty písní » Stefan Raab - Maschen-draht-zaun

Stefan Raab - stát se fanouškem


I'm a lonesome rider, I'm a real tough guy
I tell you livin' ain't easy, but every day I try
I've seen a million places. Baby I get around
With a sixpack of beer and a "Maschendrahtzaun"

I'm a hardworking man. I don´t need much in life.
I got my horse, I got my boots, a hat and a knife.
All I really need can surely be found.
I need girls, I need whisky and "Maschendrahtzaun".

Maschendrahtzaun in the morning, "Maschendrahtzaun" late at
Maschendrahtzaun in the evening, "Maschendrahtzaun" makes
me feel alright.
And if I ever be king and I get a crown
Then it would surely be made of "Maschendrahtzaun"...

All the ladies wanna have me, I'm a handsome boy.
And all the boys want me too, in especially Siegfried und Roy.
I'm a sexmachine, baby, I had more girls than James Brown
And I fucked them all on the "Maschendrahtzaun".

But now the time has gone by and something happened to me.
I'm only half the man I used to be.
I was the sexiest man in the whole big town
Before I ripped my balls on the "Maschendrahtzaun".


I like all kinds of food. I like all kinds of beer
And I was born with a six pack in my hands right here.
I love steaks, I love burgers, I love Kentucky Fried Chicken,
But one thing I love best and that is "ficken".

"Skandal" shouted someone and its probably right,
But thats exactly what I do althrough the night.
I have a "Ochsenpimmel", yeah, and I like to get down
With a big booby baby and a "Maschendrahtzaun".


I was also a sheriff, I was fighting for right.
I was protecting law and order every day, every night.
I was hunting a man with a big fat Bauch.
And I caught him in the back of a "Knallerbsenstrauch".

But now the story is over. I had a good good life.
I still got my horse, my boots and my knife.
I did a lot of travelling, but now I settle down,
At the "Knallerbsenstrauch" on the "Maschendrahtzaun".

Refrain 2X

Then it would surely be made of "Maschendrahtzaun"...
Then it would surely be made of "Maschendrahtzaun"...
Then it would surely be made of "Maschendrahtzaun"...

Přidal: dne 06. 11. 2007 v 22:24.
Počet zobrazení: 135 (0).

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