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Soulja Boy & Trey Songz - Hey Cutie - text písně

Texty písní » Soulja Boy & Trey Songz - Hey Cutie

Soulja Boy - stát se fanouškem

Trey Songz - stát se fanouškem

Album: The DeAndre Way

Hey Cutie

"Ooooh, Yonny!"
Soulja Boy TellEm

[Soulja Boy]
When I get you to that bed, me and you gon' turn up
Just like that candlelight, me and you gon' burn up
I'm on fire (fire) she get higher (higher)
Hey cutie (hey cutie) go on let me wife ya (go on let me wife ya)
I'm in the club (the club) you know it's goin down (down)
Shawty, she so bomb (bomb) baddest in town (in town)
Baddest around (around) and we can go down, down, down, dowwwn

Hey cutie (whattup) hey cutie (whattup)
Hey cutie, I just wanna holla
Hey cutie (whattup) hey cutie (whattup)
Hey cutie, I just wanna holla
And if you know you lookin good baby smile - baby smile
Cause you ain't have nuttin that good in a while
And I got it so hey cutie (whattup) hey cutie (whattup)
Hey cutie, I just wanna holla

[Soulja Boy]
Me and you alone in my mansion poppin bottles
Hey cutie - I just wanna holla
I just wanna change yo' life, and show you show some thangs
that you have never seen and take you to places you never been
befo', yeah here we go
Lay you on the flo', bottles of the Mo'
Go on lock the do' (yeah) yeah it's goin down
Like I said befo' (yeah) yeah it's goin down
Lay you on your back (yeah) flat on your back (yeah)
Just like that while you rub my sixpack
I say baby you so fine (fine) I swear that you a dime (dime)
I swear you on my mind, all the time
All the - DJ press rewind - yeah Soulja


[Trey Songz]
Hold up hold up hold up - baby where you came from?
And if you gotta man, please tell me that he ain't come
And if he is, I'll give her you know
I'll finish where he left off, you can tell him F OFF!
Truly; your beauty won't let my eyes look away
Girl, you and your booty can come and ride me away
And if you know that you the best
lookin woman in the club say whassup (say whassup)


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