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Sinergy - Last Escape - text písně

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Sinergy - stát se fanouškem

Last Escape

Trip doors kicked all around me, there
is no escaping
I slowly suffocate, I'm breathing
poisoned air

The Living dead are outside feasting
on your souls
infected followers now marching in
their path

Sudden explosion and the walls
collape before me
no longer prisoner, I have been

Headed towards chaos,
armaggedon closing in
in search for clues that lead to
solve this mystery

Who's responsible for this?
there is death in every kiss

You are the one, bringer of the plague
(your virus spread among them)
now you will pay, get on your knees

No time to waste, must annihilate
(your virus spread among them)
seal the gate, time to detonate

Try to escape, I am surrounded
in all corners
the creatures that remain are
gaining up on me

Like lightning, I move fast and strike
where they stand
a light ahead of me, I've made it to the

Who's responsible for this?
there is death in every kiss

I'm the only one it missed

Přidal: Kamcha dne 21. 06. 2006 v 22:33.
Počet zobrazení: 98 (0).

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