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Silverstein - Darling Harbour - text písně

Texty písní » Silverstein - Darling Harbour

Silverstein - stát se fanouškem

Album: Rescue

In the lighthouse by the sea, at the 33rd degree
You make me feel so special and free
But there's something in the air
Turning stutters into stairs
I look into your blue eyes and say

(Darling) Don't throw it all away
(Darling) I'm here to make you stay with me

In the sun I look so pale
Northern skin so thin and frail
But I try to close my eyes
When everything starts fading
When I wake up from this dream
Shivering under cold sheets
Ten thousand mile away
I wish I was on King street

(Darling) Don't throw it all away
(Darling) I'm here to make you stay with me

Newly risen how brightly you shine.
Something seems to give inside my heart
When you're nearby.
All I've given to you is faking eyes.
I don't understand, I can't figure it out
I can't figure it.

On a park bench by the street, at the 43rd degree
I'll sit and watch the snow fall and think

If these walls could tell the tale
And excuse to no avail
Will you ever begin to forgive me again
To forgive me now

(Darling) Don't throw it all away
(Darling) I'm here to make you stay with me
Stay with me

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