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Shifty - All Along - text písně

Texty písní » Shifty - All Along

Shifty - stát se fanouškem

I cant believe im fallin' so hard for you
we've known eachother so long
all along i've been out lookin' for somethin'
when somethin' was you all along

I used to look to you as a friend
the one I'd call when i felt like my life was 'bout to end
when the sky is fallin' down and the walls are closing in
inside i need a friend so i'm callin' you again
oh can ya lift me up because i feel so down
im lost in my head i feel used but refuse to believe that love is dead
cause you gave me all the signs but i was blind
my third eye sees you now
i keep lookin' up and leavin' believin' this one's right
but that one just aint my type or hieght
see im not tryin' to waste my life or sit back and watch as
it races by cause what im lookin' for is a love that's true
i never thought it was you and i dont know why
i always thought it was her that I'd find her for sure
but I'm a little too old to be actin' immature


your the one that loves me and your the one that cares
and girl your the one that will always be there
se i've looked high and i've looked low
for the girl that i had right under my nose
and goes to show you really never know
so i turned around and found my way back to your front door
and i dont think we can be just friends anymore
im here to let you know i let the other girls go
i hope you feel like i feel cause i swear that somethin's real
and its tearin' me apart now im an owner of a lonley heart
so if i wish apon a star we could live a fairy tale
im not afraid to try and im not afraid to fail
i made up my mind this time you took the scale
now let my lips touch your lips keep it down girl
cause i wouldnt want you to miss this for the world

my third eye sees you now


girl you can keep me in a stay
girl you just take my breath away
your more than just a friend to me
so you can have your way (your way your way)

lets say that we were meant to be
if we dont try we'll never see
believe and take a chance with me
so you can have your way (your way your way)


Přidal: Ondra dne 05. 06. 2006 v 21:12.
Počet zobrazení: 97 (1).

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