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Seeed - End Of Days - text písně

Texty písní » Seeed - End Of Days

Seeed - stát se fanouškem

Vers 1:

taste that taste it tastes delicious
baby you can read my wish
you are too much food to finish
stay right here and eat my dish
electric blood and more desire
my vains are like a hot wire
pumping power empire

im m a flyer take me higer
take my world and take my kisses
baby you are such a bliss
you are acting so ambicious
come i show you what you miss

seems like you know what to try out
you know what all this is about
you got riddim i m a rider
you wanna burn? zip my lighter!

What you see is what you get
your eyes make my eyes wet
your face in the sunset
what a pleasure to see that
the sound of things you`ve said
still rings on in my head
it`s a nice place we are at
i wish i`ll never forget


it`s the end of the day
you are with me on my way
we will ride through the night
nothing bad in going mad

Vers 2 (maya):

look at me now what you guess
come here and tear up me dress
a long time mi ready fi braek out
gimme the hotter slackness
let me glow in the darkness
a long time mi ready fi broke out
with carribean impress
this soundboy i waan test
a long time mi ready make me

what`s next
sky is the limit
take me to the highness
boy you never know
see mi body full o goodness
maya de la guada ready fi the
mystic fire magical sweetness


it`s the end of the day
you are with me on my way
we will ride through the night
nothing bad in going mad

Vers 3:

let me prepare you for some good
good loving
close your eyes baby time is
sweet carress going to be soft like
drift away gonna press all your

so when you feel it coming all of a
and when you see all of dem
strangs tings happen
your body shivers and your river
starts running
coming coming!
that`s the way mi show you that i
love you

Přidal: Ondra dne 14. 02. 2011 v 03:54.
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