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Satana Tura - Last Rites - text písně

Texty písní » Satana Tura - Last Rites

Satana Tura - stát se fanouškem

Lies hurt truth lives no one forgives. love is sickness we can't quit this...
Until we meet again, until we meet again, keep it sacred
I'll be your perfect drug when you need escape and when you need to confess then I will be your saint I'll be
your pretty whore when you need to release the thing that makes you sick, I will be your disease
Beg for forgiveness
I'll be the guilt you feel when you have been untrue the one who makes you do the things you love to do I'll
be the vow you break and swore you never would the only one to tempt your faith, the only thing that could
Lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, pride and envy these are your last rites is nothing sacred these are your
last rites nothing is sacred
This is for me who cannot forget denying our sin by dying with it this is for you who cannot forgive my ruin
is yours together we live
I am the cut that bleed, the scab that will not heal the wound you wear inside, the bruise you cannot feel I
am the pride you swallow, the venom that you spit the vomit in your stomach, throw up and choke on it
I am the cross you bare, the road that's paved with fire the mirror of yourself, the one that you desire I am
the lie you hide, the truth you cannot say I am the smell of ... that you can't wash away
Lust greed gluttony sloth wrath pride and envy these are your last rites is nothing sacred these are your last
rites is nothing sacred these are your last rites nothing is sacred and nothing can save us

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