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Raptile - Givin' Up Is Hard 2 Do - text písně

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Raptile - stát se fanouškem

I want ya'll to listen close right now
It's Mr. Europe's Golden Child

Verse 1
It's Mr.Nobody from nowhere,
cuz nobody nowhere gave a fuck about his flow here,
nobody gave a hand,
I'm thru askin',
I might never make it to covers of juice and back spit,
It's not necessery,
I keep it runnin' dog,
Tryin to be legendary,
I released stuntin bra's
Classic Material is my reasonable doubt,
I'm sick of this rap shit,
I'm sick of this redicolous bitch,
Lost in the game,
No clues so use,
Slam doors in my face,
Ei whatever is all good,
First you crawl in pain,
Makes you grow,
Then you learn how to walk in the rain,
Caution fame,
Blindes your eyes,sight, quick
Everybody tries to be a live lamp bitch,
but I'm on the way to tourch like Jim Jones,
till my pain is gone like Jacko's skin tone

Givin up is hard to do,
Givin up is hard to do (Can't stop won't stop),
Givin up is hard to do,
Givin up is hard to do

Verse 2
Can't knock the hustle,
Can't stop the buz though,
Fight in my country,
Build a man's top ten muscles,
Man gotta tossel,
I never ran for my life,
When I spit shit is raw like a man nuckle fight,
Right, I don't need no manager man,
I manage myself,
Manage to feed my fam' and my fans,
See mothafuckers can't understand,
You can't banish a man's stamina,
I'm there I'm still standin but,
Sometimes it hurts like crazy,
I lost my love baby,
Shit hurts crazy,
This life is all about,
either all,
either you livin rich or you die in poor,
I'm the boss of the squad,
Always lost in my thoughts,
Dog it's all in my heart,
Till shit starts fallin apart,
You never gone knock me out,
Is not gonna work,
Every dollar I spend,
Is a dollar I earned


Chorus 2 (4x)
You might be poor,
You might be rich,
But you can't change the fact,
Life's a bitch


I just wanna let you know (Givin up is hard to do),
I never give up right (Givin up is hard to do),
Naw it won't happen,
It's Rapzilla baby,

Přidal: Ondra dne 24. 08. 2006 v 21:29.
Počet zobrazení: 120 (0).

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