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Queen - My Melancholy Blues - text písně

Texty písní » Queen - My Melancholy Blues

Queen - stát se fanouškem

Another party's over -
And I'm left cold sober -
My baby left me for somebody new -
I don't wanna talk about it
Want to forget about it
Wanna be intoxicated with that special brew -
So come and get me -
Let me-
Get in that sinking feeling
That says my heart is on an all time low - So -
Don't expect me -
To behave perfectly -
And wear that sunny smile
My guess is I'm in for a cloudy & overcast
Don't try and stop me
'Cause I'm heading for that stormy weather soon -
I'm causing a mild sensation -
With this new occupation
I'm permanently glued -
To this extraordinary mood, so now moveover -
And let me take over -
With my melancholy blues -

I'm causing a mild sensation
With this new occupation
I'm in the news
Just getting used to this new exposure
Come into my enclosure
And meet my -
Melancholy blues -

Přidal: Marekzprahy dne 26. 11. 2004 v 15:51.
Počet zobrazení: 406 (0).

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