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Public Enemy - Plastic Nation - text písně

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Public Enemy - stát se fanouškem

[conversation between woman and plastic surgeon]
Tell me what you don't like about yourself
Uh, I need liposuction, under my chin - and everywhere
I hate the.. bump on my nose
I hate my breasts, and my stomach has stretch marks
They make me sick - I'd like those to go away
Been saving up my money for this

[Chuck D]
What if she tried to get her face erased like it was commonplace
Maybe just crazy because the doctor said she could
With new hips and tits, maybe fuller lips
All it take a day and some pay, for the tuck and nip
Call the Hoover remover, by the time they was through-ah
Her whole body would look the way she thought it should
They shake a splatter of fat and move from this to that
Like Frankenstein but blind because it's in her mind
Don't know what she felt, or why she hated herself
Maybe dolls and shows, or maybe videos
Now it's plain to see, the girl loves TV
Because she's chasin a dream we know can never be
Was all part of the plan to keep her lookin right
Thinkin she could be Janet, if she took the knife
It's not a sin to be thin, she tryin hard to fit in
Knowin soon she'll be a citizen, of the Plastic Nation

[Chorus 2X: conversation between women and plastic surgeon]
Tell me what you don't like about yourself
I wanna change my face, and I wanna change my body, I wanna change my body
Tell me what you don't like about yourself

I wanna change my face, it would be so.. great

[Chuck D]
Now she was more crazy than lazy 'til she had a baby
Tryin to move and improve upon on what God gave her
Just like the swan she thought she had it goin on
But never once thought it was wrong or that it wouldn't save her
Went to the clinic was in it for over half a day
As they sliced and diced and put the parts in place
Her body's bruised, abused, cause her mind's confused
Bent on livin a lie but never satisfied
And you know it ain't right, that's somebody's daughter
Now her face is so tight that you can bounce a quarter
And the feeling ain't back, they said it'll never be back
She's a creature with features, broken out of order
That's why we try to find a way to get inside
And make you love your life and never need the knife
It's not a sin to be thin, don't need to bleed to fit in
Now she's another citizen, of the Plastic Nation


[women talking to end]
I need liposuction
I'd like bigger calves
I need liposuction
And, I'd also like to go up to a C cup
Tell me what you don't like about yourself
Maybe I could have her ears
Maybe I could have her ears, and I like her nose
Tell me what you don't like about yourself
Because they don't stick out like ours does see
{*suction sounds*}

Přidal: Ondra dne 26. 03. 2006 v 14:35.
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