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Pro-Pain - Getting Over - text písně

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Pro-Pain - stát se fanouškem

Run for your fucking life!!!
That's if you want to live
This place ain't safe nor sane
World destabilized by appointed police who'll make your loss their gain
Off with your fucking heads and die by the sword of bloody ignorance
Death and eternal pain for financial gain
This world is insane
I watch it all go down like a TV game with suffering so surreal
Ideologues mispalce the blame
Oh... they want a piece of you
They want a piece of me
One voice is all I need
Better think twice before fucking with me
Some say death to r hose who don't agree with us
Well I don't agree with us!!!
Eye for a fuckin eye in a savage world where war's the only choice
All taken by force whatever the cost
Now more lives are lost
Minds are injected fear
The press insincere
This can't happen here?
Oh, it's a brand new age with a brand new rage complete
With false pretenses, four more years of wars to wage
For the police state
Oh, I can't wait
From sea to shining sea they'll walk over you to get over on me

Přidal: supercheer dne 04. 09. 2007 v 21:14.
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