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Pomáda 2 (soundtrack) - Prowlin' - text písně

Texty písní » Pomáda 2 (soundtrack) - Prowlin'

Pomáda 2 (soundtrack) - stát se fanouškem

Well, come on and tell us Johnny
What's the secret of success?
You gotta take a tip from the king of hip
'Cause you know that he's the best.

We're goin' prowlin', we're goin' prowlin' tonight!
I see you're hungry for a lover,
Gotta find a chick who'll give you more.
Well, there's a spot that I've discovered
Where a guy's guaranteed to score.

I'm gonna show you cats some action,
Like you've never seen before.
We're gonna get some satisfaction
Down at the grocery store!

We're goin' prowlin' (walk, talk like a T-Bird)
Prowlin' (walk, talk like a T-Bird)
Prowowowlin' tonight!

There's a female butcher, at the luncheon meat display
Got the best tongue in town, she delivers both night and day!
See the apple of your eye, stackin' peaches in a five foot pile
Just waitin' some guy to come, and take her rollin' down the aisle!

Well, I like a debutante, who comes across--now that's what I call class.
Well, I like a tall girl, with long legs that go right up to her...
You know what I like, I like a girl that's really smart
Provided that she's really stacked.
Yeah? Well, I love 'em all, and they love me.

Cause I'm the leader of this here pack!
We're goin' prowlin' (walk, talk like a T-Bird)
Prowlin' (walk, talk like a T-Bird)
Prowowowlin' tonight!

Přidal: Jason11 dne 11. 10. 2007 v 23:48.
Počet zobrazení: 200 (0).

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