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Pitbull Feat Lil Jon - The Anthem - text písně

Texty písní » Pitbull Feat Lil Jon - The Anthem

Pitbull Feat Lil Jon - stát se fanouškem


It’s dat little chico, Pitbull
This my way of letting my city know
That I’d ride for ‘em, I’d cry for ‘em, I’d spy for ‘em and most of all:

[Lil Jon]
til I die!




[Lil Jon]
Nigga, I’d ride for my mothafuckin clique
For my clique!

[Lil Jon]
Die for my mothafuckin clique
For my clique!

[Lil Jon]
Bust heads with my mothafuckin clique
With my clique

[Lil Jon]
My nigga talk shit when my shit don’t click.

Click Click Click Click Click Click


Mang I been on tha grind
One in the hand
16 & the 9, I’m extra manic
The game is mine in due time,
It’s alright I’m patient mang.
I know how to play my position
I know how to play my part
I know how to play these bitches
I know how to play wit dey hearts.
I’ve done some dumb things, but for the most
I’ve played it smart
Who cares if you run things
Cuz I’m as live as 106 & park
This game is nuthin’ but a pool of blood
Wit a bunch of sharks
Only the strong survive
It’s do or die, get it right


That’s why I war fa my peoples
Cock back go to war for my peoples
Break bread wit my peoples
Mang, I’d die for my peoples
Everybody knows it’s the truth,
That’s why they respect everything I do
Everywhere that I go every friend every foe, every bitch every ho
Man I sold it all,
From the weed to the X from the X to the blow
Mark my words Im next to blow
P to the I I T T to the B B U (double the ) L

Me? I’m gonna sell like ice cream in hell
This fa my peoples das locked up in jail
I’ma succeed I’m neva gon’ fail
Papo just watch me

Hook x2


Mang I been watchin the game closely
Uncle Luke dat man don’ coached me
He taught me the who, what, where’s and whys
How to cross Ts how to dot Is
Little did he know he created a monster,
Pitbull nigga I’m that monsta
DB them chicos is monstas
Lil Jon that niggas a monsta
Everybody in the clique is well-equipped
Ready for Pit to take ova shit
This here is not a game
This here is our lives
We can’t fuck this up
We gotta get it right
If you wit us n u ready for war den lets

Let’s show em how we do in the south
Kickin they do’run in they house
If them boys think they spit fire
Fuck it put the gun in they mouth
Follow me now, all these bitches wanna swallow me now
All these niggas dat I don’t even know wanna holla at me now
Cuz they wanna be down

But fuck em mang
Me? I’m gonna turn it up a notch
My hustlas: be careful when you murder in the block
My killas: be careful when you burnin up the glock

Last thing you wanna be is runnin from the cops
Pit’s gon take it from tha bottom to the top
Hatas can hate but it ain’t gon stop
Everybody knows I’ma blow
Just listen to tha flow
This chico got it on lock HA

Hook x2

[Lil Jon]
til I die!


Přidal: Ondra dne 04. 03. 2008 v 11:16.
Počet zobrazení: 815 (0).

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