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Phil Collins - Swing Low - text písně

Texty písní » Phil Collins - Swing Low

Phil Collins - stát se fanouškem

The sun is rising in the sky
Here we´re waiting,standing by
Round in circles,round and round
Pulse is racing,can´t sit down
The noise of people fills the air
Search for silence goes nowhere
Time just passes,starts to rain
I look at you and I feel your pain

Day after day watching it grow,counting the time
In each and every way the pleasure is mine
Through all of the high times
Through all of the low times
The father we reach,the father we see
The father we go

Time after time waiting for you,when you will come
Wanting to play the game we´ve begun
Through all of the high times
Through all of the low times
The more we can give,The more we can keep
The more there will be

Like the man said he was right
´bout something coming in the air tonight
Well,if it´s coming,let it be now
I feel it´s close,I just know somehow
I can´t hold on much longer
My head is filled with wonder
But if these things don´t come to pass
I´ll bring you water and fill your glass

Everyday the stronger it grows,it´s easy to see
Getting to feel how good it can be
Through all of the high times
Through all of the low times
the more that we teach,the better we learn
The better we´ll be

Přidal: Ondra dne 03. 09. 2005 v 22:17.
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