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Pennywise - Every Single Day - text písně

Texty písní » Pennywise - Every Single Day

Pennywise - stát se fanouškem

See all the people longing to be
Living their lives regretlessly
Trying to repress the pain in their lives
Reassuring themselves living with lies
No way to break through not on my own
Can't push away all the sorrow I've known
Have to release every thought or care
And take control life is a dare
I can start over today
Live my life a different way
Can't find a way to erase bad times to make
Everything OK
I'll start over and live every single day
Regrest and memories no remorse no apologies
No reason for me to despair no future at all
Ask if I care
I got time on my side twenty four hours in my life
Can't hang on to what's in my past
Full speed ahead hard and fast
At the end with each dropping sun
Can't erase what has been done who cares
What happened long ago I don't want to know
Can't face tomorrow with these thoughts
Of yesterday
I can't escape the lies and make them go away
Wish I had the answers to make it through
Can't shake these images no matter what I do
I guess I'll use them to make me a stronger man
I'll use each
Twisted tortured memory to help me understand
And I will learn
From mistakes
To find a way
I guess I'll have to live with them every single day

Přidal: Ondra dne 13. 04. 2009 v 17:36.
Počet zobrazení: 76 (0).

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