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Patrice - Queens - text písně

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Patrice - stát se fanouškem

this here one is for the queens-' cause it's you that make me deh- I say- it's you that make me be-tis is for all the sweet dreams - how much injustice you have to face - before you I bow my knees - 1st verse: how many time your man gone - while you stay alone with your daughters and sons - how many times the man hit' and run' - 'cause responsibility he can't stand - how many times tell me how many times - you have to face discrimination - how many times tell me how many times - you get lick by your wn - it is you you that make the go 'round - let nobody put you down you have to wear the crobridge: don't let them tell you who you are - never ever bow no no no no - rise and take your stand - queens of this world to you I dedicate my song
2.nd verse: upon your shoulders you carry - so much responsibility for this strayed humanity - it is you that rue our destiny - in your heart you bear - all the future of this earth - I tell you if you wasn't there - the end would be near. no title of this world can give you royality of birth - you could wear diamonds ans pearls - into a queen you can still can't be turned - it's a profession you can't learn - and it's a title you can't earn - all true born queens hold firm - 'cause it's you that make the worl go 'round - make nobody put you down you have to wear the crown - it's you that makes the world go 'round - know the value of yourself and make nobody put you down - bridge: don't tell them who you are - never ever bow no no no no - keep your temple clean - queens, queens, queens, queens, queens

Přidal: Schneemann dne 27. 06. 2008 v 09:51.
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